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What’s needed to help Georgians successfully fight cancer? That question is at the heart of all that Georgia CORE does.

If you or someone you love had cancer...

...you would want the best care possible in the state you call home.

Georgia CORE is working to provide just that. Georgia CORE unites experts, healthcare & cancer-fighting organizations into a single force – to provide better treatments, faster answers & a higher caliber of care throughout Georgia. Before Georgia CORE’s founding in 2003, Georgians with cancer often had to travel outside the state for treatment.  Funding for research tagged other states. But with investment from industry, foundations & government, Georgia CORE has put the pieces in place to strengthen cancer care. As a result, cancer mortality in Georgia has declined, mirroring the national trend.  Georgia CORE is one reason why.

...you would want to catch it early.

A good example is breast cancer—the cancer most likely to strike women. Detecting breast cancer early is crucial to treatment & survival.  Georgia CORE has 1) make mammograms more accessible to underinsured Georgia women by managing the state’s Breast Cancer License Tag program. 2) Georgia Core has helped educate Georgia’s front-line public health & primary care professionals on how to assess genetic risk for cancer, including how to learn how to administer a simple online screening tool. Every time cancer is caught early, the odds increase that a person will live.  Georgia CORE helps the state do more to detect cancer sooner.

...you would want reliable information about the care available to you.

What if all of the most valuable information about cancer care in Georgia was assembled in one place & made available to anyone who wanted it?  Enter GeorgiaCancerInfo.orgThe site serves up profiles of oncologists across the state, details about cancer treatment sites, information about active clinical trials in Georgia & a wealth of other knowledge for patients, survivors, healthcare professionals & caregivers. The idea behind the site is that quick access to information & resources contributes to better, faster decision making.  Previously, people had to rely on countless online searches to gather information about cancer care.  With GeorgiaCancerInfo.org, up-to-date information is accessible in a single place. No other website is quite like it –which explains why nearly 70,000 people trust the site to inform their cancer care journey.

…you would want to access the best treatment available.

That includes clinical trials, the promising new treatments being developed through scientific research. Clinical trials help determine how well new treatments work – & how they might be modified to yield even better results.  They’re a key indicator of the quality of cancer care in a state. 13 years ago, Georgia healthcare providers offered relatively few clinical trials.  Now, there are nearly 1,000 separate clinical trials active across the state--the majority of them targeting the cancers most common to Georgians. The expansion of clinical trials in Georgia has provided residents of small towns & rural communities with new treatment options. Georgia CORE also provides clinical trials leadership & research management services for Georgia NCORP, the National Cancer Institute’s community clinical oncology research program.

…you may need a support team.

It’s a fact:  Coordinating cancer care can be enormously challenging.  Choosing doctors, working with insurance companies, making treatment decisions, managing medical appointments & follow-up care – all of it can seem overwhelming. Providing Georgians with the best care possible requires helping them overcome such obstacles.  Here, Georgia CORE helps by supporting Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia, a group that helps people with cancer (& their families) make their journey through cancer care.  Working in partnership with the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology, Georgia CORE serves as a “guide to the guides,” providing tools, resources & training to nurses, social workers & volunteers who help patients & survivors navigate cancer care across the state.

Georgia CORE also…

·         Offers conferences & webinars on best & promising practices.  These help doctors, nurses & research personnel stay up to date on how to improve care for patients – & quality of life for survivors.

·         Awards proceeds from the annual sale of 55,000 Breast Cancer license tags to organizations providing education, screening & treatment to medically underserved women in 109 counties.

·         Provides genetic testing & related services to women at risk of hereditary breast & ovarian cancer.

Fighting cancer is a monumental challenge.  For so many Georgians, Georgia CORE is there to help.

…you would want to do everything possible to remain cancer-free – & healthy.

For those who are fortunate to survive cancer, the journey isn’t over.

They sometimes need help dealing with the consequences of cancer & its treatment.  They must continue to be screened, following guidelines carefully.  They may also benefit from better coordination between specialists & their primary care doctors to promote good health.

Yet survivorship – the effort to optimize health after successfully fighting cancer – has only recently been recognized as a priority in healthcare.

At the center of these efforts is the Cancer Survivorship Connection, an initiative that provides an online library of resources & interactive tools to survivors & anyone involved with their care.  Topics range from improving nutrition & managing symptoms, to addressing emotional concerns & scheduling follow-up screenings – & a comprehensive website makes this information available to any Georgian.

…you would have everyone in our research network, our sponsors & our partners working for you, including our Board of Directors & Cancer Survivorship Connection Advisory Board.

Even through small actions, you can help strengthen cancer care in Georgia.

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How Georgia CORE is funded

As an independent nonprofit, Georgia CORE is funded by a mix of sources: gifts from individuals, grants from foundations and organizations, proceeds from research contracts and limited allocations from state government. Here is a breakdown:

  • Foundation Grants & Sponsorships
  • Government Grants
  • Clinical Trials Revenue & Research Contracts
  • State Tobacco Settlement Funds through the Georgia Department of Public Health
  • Breast Cancer License Tag Proceeds
  • Individual contributions

Some of our generous funders and sponsors include:


Georgia CORE Research Network Affiliates

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